Boost and Balance – Agadir

Date: 20/10/2019
Place: Riad Les Grains De Sable, Agadir
Duration: 6 days

Boost & Balance

Do you collide mentally and physically with your own limits? Do you wish more time for yourself? Then Enso Coaching invites you to the Boost & Balance retreat in Agadir. Stress expert Melissa gives you the necessary guidance to listen to yourself and focus on new goals with personal guidance. Personal trainer Olivier brings you back into physical shape with a view to a healthier and more energetic life. During this retreat you have the time, space and professional guidance to bring your mind and body back into balance.



The full retreat costs € 2100 per person. This cost price does not include flights. You can easily book online via our contactform, afterwards you will receive a confirmation email with payment instructions.


Your professional supervisors

Melissa had everything in her early twenties. Or so it seemed, because inside she realized that things could be different: she wanted to take her life into her own hands and pay more attention to her individuality and self-development. She focused on various courses and grew up as a mental coach. Since then she has done nothing better than connecting people and helping them. She does this by passing on her own insights and the Reboost Your Life Retreat revolves around all pillars, namely mind, body and food. Melissa does not want to relax and do nothing, but wants to invest in life. Dare to question yourself, set your goals and work on your development: “selfness” is what will be worked on during this retreat.

Olivier took over fitness Corpus in Lokeren at the age of 19. Sport is therefore his passion and the common thread throughout his life. Every day he will be ready to provide professional advice and personal health tips, but also to motivate you. He does everything to make the various workouts as pleasant as possible and to stand by your side. He hereby emphasizes the correct exercises and technique with which you achieve your goals in a healthy way.


Location – Riad Les Grains de Sable

© Riad Les Grains de Sable

The Boost & Balance program of Enso Coaching takes place in the Berber fishing village of Tamraght, located about seventeen kilometers from the bustling city of Agadir. With its impressive mountains, beautiful bays and vast white beaches, Tamraght is the hidden jewel of Morocco. You will be warmly welcomed by the locals with a big smile and tasty mint tea. Tamraght has the cosiness and charm of Agadir, but without the tourist crowds. This makes it the perfect destination to completely unwind and get to know yourself.

We stay at Riad Les Grains De Sable. Here you can enjoy every comfort: five spacious double suites, each with its own bathroom, a cozy seating area, … On the roof terrace you can admire colorful sunrises and a beautiful starry sky. There is also a cozy patio with a heated private swimming pool and sun beds.


The Boost & Balance program

© Riad Les Grains de Sable

During the retreat we press the pause button together and think about ourselves for a moment. Far away from our daily routine, we work in groups or one-on-one to restore the balance between mind and body. You get the chance to further develop yourself by training your body and mind. To realize this, various workshops are on the program with the focus on three pillars: mind, body and food.

  • Mind : the hikes through Moroccan nature are a perfect moment to “meet yourself”. Also during the yoga sessions the focus will be on the connection between your mind and body. The tranquility of Tamraght invites you to boost your mental well-being. Coach Melissa is ready for you during one-on-one sessions.
  • Body : no muscle group will be forgotten with personal trainer Olivier. His inexhaustible enthusiasm motivates you to give the best of yourself during various training sessions such as strength training or an adventure course. You will also be able to sample a surf initiation or a workout in the water.
  • Food : During culinary workshops, first browse the local Soek in search of the best local products. Then we work together in a group to conjure up delicious dishes. The dishes will give you endless energy, inspiration and desire to get started with healthy food at home.



© Riad Les Grains de Sable

In addition to mind and body, food is also important to achieve complete balance. The meals are selected with care to optimally nourish your body and give you a vital feeling. That is why it will mainly be cooked vegetarian, lactose and wheat free. In addition, meals are prepared in groups as much as possible. Please inform us in good time about any allergies and intolerances. This way we can provide adapted meals.


Group size

© Riad Les Grains de Sable

The retreat is aimed at a group of participants from a minimum of 8 people to a maximum of 11 people. There are five guest rooms in the riad, each with a double bed and bathroom. There are no single rooms available, so everyone shares a room. It goes without saying that you take your roommate into account. No need to worry, there are enough places to isolate yourself if you need a bit of me-time.



  • Accommodation
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  • Meals
  • Insurance
  • Bed linen
  • Wi-Fi


Extra services

There is a possibility for one-on-one sessions with both coach Melissa and personal trainer Olivier. If you wish to make use of this, you can indicate this in advance when booking. You can address both during retreat, but long sessions do not fit into the program.