Melissa has completed various training courses and will continue her development in order to offer the best type of coaching in each specific case.

Stress counsellor

Melissa is first and foremost a stress counsellor. She looks at the behaviour and thoughts that cause stress. By understanding negative thoughts, overcoming uncertainty and eliminating the fear of failure, the deeper causes can be tackled. In this way you can change your attitude towards yourself and your work. You will emerge stronger from the struggle and minimise the risk of burn-out.

Resilience coach with Better Minds at Work

This course has taught Melissa to deploy coaching as a powerful tool to improve the mental capital of people and organisations and thus optimise communication and cooperation. She does this from the perspective of positive psychology and the levers to strengthen resilience, namely focus, awareness, self-determination and optimism. This course was led by Elke Geraerts, author of the book Mental Capital. Melissa is a member of the Association of Certified Stress & Burn-out coaches (VESB).

Trainer hormone factor

When the hormonal balance in your body is disturbed, all sorts of complaints can arise: migraines, weight gain, menstrual pain, menopausal complaints, fertility and skin problems, etc. Melissa was trained by A. Sonnevelt and knows better than anyone how the interplay between hormones, nutrition and lifestyle has an impact on your health.

Gut therapist

The gut is undoubtedly the most underestimated organ in our body. It is a control centre for our general well-being. Thanks to her training at Ortho Linea, Melissa is able to ascertain the impact of this crucial but complex organ on your well-being.

EFT therapist

EFT stands for Emotionally Focused Therapy and it is a powerful model for relationship therapy. Based on the Sue Johnson training, Melissa focuses on hold-me-tight therapy. This coaching is intended for couples who want to strengthen their relationship and rediscover love.

PRI workshop

Past Reality Integration, abbreviated to PRI, helps you to live fully in the now. It exposes the influence of the past on your life and helps you to remove blockages. Melissa applies the techniques and the practical tools of Ingeborg Bosch and teaches you how to use them yourself.

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