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For everyone who wants to get the best out of themselves… whether it is just about yourself or improving your private or professional relationships with others, Enso Coaching is for everyone.


As an individual you are sometimes confronted with your own limitations, both physical and mental…

You feel trapped in your own life or body, and you do not know what to do to get back on track.

Enso Coaching connects you with the right coach for your specific situation. Via one-on-one coaching you and your coach work together to discover what drives you, what gives you satisfaction and what motivates you.

We also offer you accompanied coaching trips, during which you come into contact with like-minded people.

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At some point in their relationship, all couples go through stormy times – even those for whom everything looks perfect. This is when the opportunities for personal growth are at their greatest.

Couples coaching is aimed at finding out why a couple have grown apart and at rediscovering the connection that once existed. With the help of EFT therapy, the coach together with the couple try to find out who each of the partners is – together and separately – what they want from each other and how they can make this clear to each other.

Relationship coaching helps a couple having difficulties to anchor the relationship roots and thus be safe in any future storm.


Whether it’s an SME or a large multinational, Enso Coaching always offers a package tailored to each business. This can be an accompanied coaching trip of about five days abroad or it can just be an intensive one-day coaching session in Belgium. Everything is possible…

It goes without saying that the focus with business coaching lies on the issues that businesses and colleagues who have to work together on a daily basis have to deal with: conflicts between different personalities, communication, how to handle work pressure and stress, getting the best out of a team, burn-outs, etc. Everything is discussed so that the people behind the business can function optimally – which in turn ultimately benefits the business.

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