Participant Séverine tells how she experienced the Reboost Yourself Retreat

Blog by Melissa | 

18 September 2019

Séverine participated in the Reboost Yourself Retreat and told on her website how she experienced the week. We share her experiences here:

“Melissa from Enso Coaching invited me to the first test edition of the Reboost Yourself Retreat in the Ardennes. We stayed with a nice gang and professional coaches in a beautiful country house in Houffalize Goal of the trip: increase your mental and physical resilience by focusing on your mind, body and food for 6 days, it was a great experience, so I have at least 17 reasons to say thank you to Enso Coaching ! ”

MERCI Enso Coaching

1. To give me the chance to be immersed in professional coaching , both mentally and physically.

2. To choose such a beautiful location. Ferme de la Hé is a beautiful country house in Rachamps, a tiny village in Houffalize. Between the fields and the cows, pure peace.

3. For the Life Walk : a 2-hour walk in the woods of Houffalize on our own, in which we had to silently think about major events in our lives, both positive and negative. I got a bit lost (that arrow was really right instead of left, oops), but instead of panicking, I got an incredible amount of wisdom out of it thanks to Enso Coaching! You have to do it yourself to believe it.

4. To physical coach Olivier of Corpus Fitness in Lokeren to put me to the test physically. Upon arrival, he tested our flexibility, balance, abs, and fitness. Read: walk 800 meters, stand as long as possible as a flamingo, planking, and lay raises. A bit comparable with the tests from “Die Huis” on TV, very cool! The goal was to achieve better results after our 6-day retreat. We started every day with a glass of water with lemon juice, and then a workout on an empty stomach, because that’s the best way to burn fat. Despite the fact that I have improved my sporting level for some time and I am no longer a couch potato, I have to admit that the workouts were actually too heavy for me. The floor exercises are not a problem, but the high intensity level was too heavy for me and several other participants. But hey, we were there to test the concept, so now Enso Coaching can get started with our feedback.

5. To mama Myriam to spoil us culinary ! We ate very tasty and healthy, with hardly any animal products. Our human body is not really meant to digest a lot of animal material. Every day I looked forward to such a wonderful breakfast as you see below. We usually ate vegetarian, I didn’t miss any meat at all, and felt super good all week. That vegetarian lasagna, yummy !!

6. To Melissa mental coach The Cremer who needs just one word to know how she can help you. She knows spot on what your weaknesses and pitfalls are. During individual sessions she gave me tips and mechanisms to tackle my mental hurdles. And I notice that my mental resilience has indeed increased! Each of us is left with mice, who consciously but also unconsciously exert an influence on your current behavior and feelings. But you can do something about it. We learned about the stress model from French people: your inner resilience is constantly under 2 types of pressure that cause you to get stress. The first is objective pressure: your work, your busy schedule, your family, your hobbies. But subjective pressure is your own negative thoughts and judgments that cause you stress. The goal is to keep the 3 components nicely balanced. Easier said than done, but I can recommend a mental coaching session to everyone!

7. We made fresh juices from spinach , celery and apple with the juicer, and they were so much tastier than I expected! Such a juice is also very nutritious, ideal as a snack during our nevertheless strenuous walks.

8. For the cooking workshop , in which we learned to cook healthy with miso, kuzu and tamari. I had never even heard of the last two! Japanese cuisine is full of healthy products that are good for your intestinal flora. When I got home, I immediately bought the Bio-Planet empty. And the bouillon cubes, which I have thrown out and replaced with organic ones.

Enso Coaching’s Reboost Yourself Retreat was a very intense and enriching week for me. I came across myself seriously, went outside of my comfort zone and pushed mental and physical boundaries.

9. To remind me that eating yogurt, meat, and then chips in one day is just too much for your liver. Since I eat yogurt every day, am addicted to chips and still regularly eat a piece of meat, I felt very attracted.

10. To make me discover the beauty of hiking : in addition to the workouts, we did 4 hikes. Walking 11 km on the slopes of the Ardennes in bad weather is no laughing matter. But I was completely in the flow and didn’t complain for a minute. Resilience and all, you know.

11. To invite Adriana of Ad-Yogini as a yoga teacher. A few of us had meanwhile gained stiff muscles through workouts and walks. So her yoga classes were a welcome change that I was looking forward to. During yoga I felt completely in my locks, Adriana is a winner!

12. To let me do my first “via ferrata” . On our last day we had to descend a steep slope along a metal chain in Domaine des Deux Ourthes. Where I used to call “Moh so steep, ai, and weuhh”, I was now very confident that we would bring this all to a successful conclusion. Resilience, again … The walk still had some tough obstacles, but it was the most beautiful hike of all! And thanks again to Olivier, our savior on steep slopes!

13. In addition to being a yoga teacher, Adriana is also a trained massage therapist. At every retreat I get a massage , that’s really the best way to get yourself pampered after all those physical exertions!

14. Before leaving, we were asked to complete the Motivation Factor test. That is a work-related test that tells you what your five most important talents and five most important needs are. If they receive too little attention, you cannot be happy in your job, or your needs have to be met in a different way. With my work we did the Insights test not so long ago, and the Motivation Factor actually fits in nicely with that. The results were a confirmation of what I thought, but it is strange to actually see it on paper. 🙂

15. And one more for Melissa : she had attention and possible solutions to my physical ailments that are considered unimportant by the medical world. I’m going to further investigate whether I have food intolerances that might have an impact on how I feel.

16. To Olivier to let us play captain’s ball . Playing sports and playing outside, that is actually the best way to move! It catapulted me back to the sixth grade, when we played with our class captain every afternoon. Super cool game.

17. Another one for mom Myriam, because she made me eat vegetables for which I have been picking up my nose for the last 33 years. Cauliflower, spinach, asparagus and broccoli, they are so healthy but I don’t like to eat them. And suddenly, in her preparations, they came into their own so well that I can really appreciate them now. That is perhaps the biggest achievement this week!

Enso Coaching’s Reboost Yourself Retreat was a very intense and enriching week for me. I came across myself seriously, went outside of my comfort zone and pushed mental and physical boundaries.

Big thanks to Enso Coaching and The Kube Antwerp for this unforgettable experience!

* This text originally appeared on the Séverine website.