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New to Enso Coaching: RAINPHARMA

Blog by Melissa | 

26 November 2019

A holistic lifestyle starts in the bathroom. Meet RainPharma, honest, plant-based no-nonsense products for skin and hair.

Body. Mind. Soul. They are inextricably linked. Everything you do, feel, eat, say and think has an impact on your entire being (and well-being). You probably already knew this deep down. Didn’t you? And yet it doesn’t seem an easy task to change course. To get rid of ingrained patterns, negative thoughts about yourself, an unhealthy lifestyle or deeper emotional blockages. Too hard? Not enough time? We imagine that you won’t find it too hard to come up with a few more excuses besides these. Don’t blame yourself! I often struggle with the rollercoaster of life myself. Let’s face it, we’re not perfect (thank goodness). It’s about slowly bringing your life into balance one small step at a time. This can be done by moving more, by cooking in a more balanced way, by taking time for reflection, and so on. It’s a list of one thing on top of another that keeps getting longer and longer, a circle that’s never really complete. That’s precisely what Enso Coaching is all about. Searching for ways to live more consciously, every day again.

That’s how I started thinking about what we take in every day, not only through our mouths, but also through our skin. We live in a society in which everyone suddenly has sensitive skin, simply because we want to take care of it in an extra-special way. Chemical peelings, twenty different serums, and so on. Many cosmetic products are too synthetic and so too aggressive for our skin. We scrub and smear away, not realising that we are doing our skin more harm than good. A long search through the complex world of “natural” products finally led me to the doorstep of RainPharma, an ingenious skincare system for the face and an extensive range of pampering products for the body. The perfect match for the other partners and projects within the Enso Coaching circle.

Outward beauty. On the surface, this is not so important, but that said, how you feel and how your skin looks do affect your mood. You know how your skin glows when you’re in love, or how your skin dulls when life isn’t quite going your way. Specialists then focus on the science behind the different skin types. Interesting, but I’d rather look at it holistically.


Heal your skin from within…
The problem is usually not on the surface. Skin problems often (almost always in fact) occur in the gut, due to the wrong diet or food that is simply not suitable for your body. The gut becomes disturbed, and inflammatory reactions can develop in the body and so also in the skin. By taking a close look at your diet and correcting it where necessary, we can restore a healthy complexion.


… with a little outside help
A good skin improvement plan should include clearing out your bathroom cabinet. Check the packaging of your current care products and replace bottles, pots and jars containing mineral oils, parabens, sulphates, silicones or other unhelpful substances. Go 100% natural. The RainPharma range is a good example of this. No hocus pocus, just Belgian level-headedness at its best. It is not by any means RainPharma’s intention to present itself as the ultimate cosmetics brand. Quite the contrary. They see their honest and beautiful products as a small part in the overall picture. Because food continues to be important. Meditation can also prevent a great deal of stress and resulting blemishes or other impurities. But the wide range of fragrances will give you a loving push in the right direction.


Are you ready to embrace holism and integrate it into your daily life, too? Start in your bathroom. Not because you have to, but out of love for yourself. Come to the Enso Pop-Up Store (Leopoldlaan 47, 9300 Aalst) on 15 November 2019 between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. and get up to 20% off the entire RainPharma range, plus a unique gift.