Learn to work together in Lapland

Blog by Melissa | 

18 September 2019

More and more companies are devoting time and attention to the personal development and well-being of their employees. Happy employees and good interpersonal relationships ensure that a company runs better and therefore achieves better results. Enso Coaching – in this case myself, Melissa, and coach Arianne – took a group of executives from a Belgian company to Lapland for five days. With its mountainous country and heaps of snow, it is an ideal setting for relaxing walks and spicy snowmobile safaris. The target? Blooming open, getting to know each other better in a relaxed way, where respect for everyone’s personality is central.

On the first day I immediately have an interesting conversation with one of the participants. He is still careful, but I am surprised how vulnerable he is immediately. A good start to a promising trip.

The next day we determine together via the DISC temperaments and associated colors whether someone is extra- or introverted, intuitive or perceiving, and whether he is a thinker or feeler. In this way the participants learn to understand each other better and to appreciate the positive aspect of each personality. I notice that this group, under their professional mask, are all soft and sensitive people. With childlike caution, they are open to self-reflection. Incredibly inspiring.



On the second night of our stay in Lapland we eat together with the Sami, the original inhabitants of Lapland – in an authentic Sami hut by the burning fire. They explain to us how they live and care for their reindeer. It touches me how they live with so much respect for the seasons and the animals: man is actually made to live in symbiosis with nature.

Our time with the reindeer earlier in the day was fantastic: we were even allowed to stroke and feed them. At one point we even held a real reindeer race – the competitive urge suddenly came to the surface in all its intensity. It resulted in a few hilarious moments that only benefited group dynamics.



During the coaching trip I regularly check the experiences of the participants. From those conversations I keep hearing the same thing: everyone thinks it’s great that they get to know each other in a different way – but at the same time admit that they sometimes find it difficult to expose themselves. Yet their evolution is clear from the first day: they develop a lot of understanding for how the other person thinks and works. They gain more and more insight into why one personality enhances another professionally and that diversity is even necessary. They now know much better who they are and what they have in common and that has brought peace to the team.

I fervently hope that they will not forget the acquired insights after the Lapland trip. Enso Coaching has already started something beautiful. The executives now know that they can knock on each other’s doors and have become aware of taking more time for each other as a person.



Of course I always get mirrors presented on such a trip, so for me every coaching trip is a constant learning process. It gives me a very satisfying feeling to guide people, give them the chance to get to know themselves better and to dig deeper into emotions. In this way I always succeed in making authentic connections with people who open up and take the “risk” of taking me into confidence. We do it together: I guide them, but in turn they believe in my abilities … making it a beautiful, shared experience.

On to the next trip at the end of April, I’m already eager …!