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Christmas: perfectly imperfect

Blog by Melissa | 

12 December 2019

A tricky period that December.
Nice and busy, I call it. It is up to you to determine whether it will be pleasant or busy …

Christmas is often mentioned in the same breath with stress. Mandatory family visits, busy making perfect culinary delights on a beautifully decorated table, that tree! Making sure that you also look nice.

And then the search for special, often too expensive Christmas gifts …
Does the fear sweat start spontaneously on your forehead? STOP! Right now. I think we have all forgotten what Christmas is all about, it’s about socializing and being together. Cliché, I know. But you have to admit: we lost the magic somewhere halfway. I put it on prosperity, on our way of life, we just want more and more today.

Although Christmas is synonymous with tradition, it has to be different every time, better especially, even more original. And of course a lot of time goes into that, a stuff we unfortunately do not have in surplus. No wonder that many of us are totally exhausted and turned upside down.

Shall I tell you something? Christmas does not have to be big and compelling. On the contrary. So take out that musty box of Christmas balls and hang them together, bake the same Christmas stump every year, you can. But … choose something that suits you. That could be: watching your favorite movies and playing games in pajamas. Why not?

If you are not a hero in the kitchen, do not go for complicated recipes of creams, ointments and turrets. It doesn’t have to be a stuffed turkey with croquettes, why not a cheese platter? Or make it cozy with a fruit de mer platter. Set up the holidays so that you are doing your best. You must prevent Christmas from becoming a checklist, accept that you do not have everything under control, appreciate imperfection. I promise you: in this way you will gain more depth and satisfaction from those end-of-year moments.

The same goes for presents, you don’t have to panic the crowded shopping streets to look for that perfect gift. It is more about the gesture: the fact that you take the time to select a gift is appreciated more than what is in it. All well and good, you think now, because for some people you know something nice right away, for others you have no idea what they would appreciate. You could ask them, but gifts are meant as a surprise. That’s why you always pack them, don’t you? The surprise shows that we have made an effort to find something special. So: asking is not an option.

My tip is LISTEN. Throughout the year, people have a lot to say. Of course with their voice, but also with their eyes or with their entire body. Deep inside you know exactly what someone needs. And if that is not the case, then you may have to ask yourself why on earth you are giving a present to that person. A gift may not become an obligation. You must be able to give it with love. You know, our life is full of presents. Not just at Christmas. Giving a compliment is just as much a gift as a helping hand. So why not a voucher for an afternoon of your time with a nice red bow underneath the Christmas tree? Which can. As long as we abandon the idea that a gift should always be larger or more expensive than last year. So don’t look at presents as something you have to go through quickly. The search itself is actually a bit of Christmas. It is not about the result, but … Yes, another cliché, but one that fits in with the wonderful (im)perfect Christmas party.

Are you still looking for a nice Christmas gift, big or small? In our Enso pop-up store you will find a lot of inspiration and … us. We are good at listening. Tell us about the person you want to give a present to and we will start looking for an ideal gift.

See you soon?