Our story

Enso is Japanese for “circle” and symbolizes life as it really is: never finished, often imperfect and full of insights that take you one step further. A bit like the life of Melissa De Cremer, stress coach and founder of Enso Coaching.

melissa de cremer - Enso coach

Melissa De Cremer


As a young woman in her twenties, Melissa had completed a perfect course. She had done the studies that were expected of her, and then ended up in the job that fitted in seamlessly with that. In no time she had a high position as a project developer in the real estate sector. What more could she wish for? Much, it turns out. In between all the working and meeting-standards-of-others, she had lost sight of herself. Her life felt unfulfilled, something was missing … Her individuality and self-development were not addressed enough. She also didn’t feel professionally satisfied. She enrolled in a number of courses hoping to find out what really made her happy, but to no avail. She was left with a nagging feeling that she still had not found her path. Around her 30th birthday, one stressful situation after another accumulated. Physically and mentally she was completely exhausted. Attempting to live a life that was not intended for her had been wrong. There had to be change, and quickly. She took matters into her own hands and went looking for solutions. From a drive to tackle herself, she rolled from one course to the other. In this way she gradually discovered where her true passion lay. Connection, helping other people by passing on their own acquired insights. A new coach was born. Since then, Melissa has been working as a stress coach and has gathered a number of coaches around with Enso Coaching. In this way, she created a broader platform to offer individuals, couples or companies a customized coaching program.